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Dulaya Memories in Art - by Cheswick Floral

dulaya memories art is a lasting memorial, something to keep for years to come. Each Print is beautifully framed and ready to hang, complete with a dedication label on the back.

dulayais derived from the Greek work dulia, which refers to the degree of honor and respect given to angels and saints. It is our hope that dulaya art will help express the honor and respect that you wish to convey at this time.

dulaya memories not only provide a complement to flower giving at the time of a loved ones passing, but also beautiful gifts for any occasion.

To view all art works available, go to www.dulaya.com

Please call for pricing or for more information.
humming birds [cf-1dm]
n-reunion [cf-5dm]
e-3 - woodland deer [cf-6dm]

h-3 - prayer of serenity [cf-11dm]
g-guardian angel [cf-12dm]
g-1 - heavenly child [cf-13dm]

h-4 - evening loon [cf-14dm]
i-5 - frameable card [cf-19dm]
gifts of nature - fising [cf-22dm]

c-1 - i am with you [cf-23dm]
d-6 - seaside garden [cf-24dm]
i-85 - i have you in my heart [cf-27dm]

b-4 - eagle's wings [cf-20dm]